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    Angry Birds

  • Angry Birds are everywhere!

    Recently new product

    launches took place

    in Europe, China and Russia.

Rovio - Successful launches in Europe, China and Russia

Product information Rovio


  • Angry Birds Brand awareness today = 91%
  • Leverage the Angry Birds fan base and the popularity of the games to generate large scale impulse purchases in your stores
  • Universal product appeal – fans through all demographics
  • Recently new product launches in Europe, China and Russia


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Tie in with Angry Birds Games

Providing fans fun experiences through unique codes and link to games


  • WHAT: Unique codes in all pack during big promotions during key seasons and game launches
  • HOW: Unique codes are inserted in games/promo site and provide fans a reward
  • WHY: Give our fans nice rewards linked to our contemporary activities. To gain unique competitive advantage by linking physical products to our digital assets.